Canadian Defeat Roger Advances to Wimbledon's Final

Canada's Milos Raonic won a thrilling five-set contest to reach his first Grand Slam final and end Roger Federer's hopes of an eighth Wimbledon title for another year.

Milos Raonic became first Canadian to reach in Wimbledon final.

Federer, 34, was beaten for the first time in 11 Wimbledon semi-finals.

Milos Raonic and Andy Murray in Men's Final

Very sad and angry at myself - Federer

 “I don’t know yet, I don’t even want to know,” he said when asked about the nature of his latest setback.

Roger Slips in Semi Final against Raonic

“I just felt not the same afterwards.
“I don’t know at this point. I hope it’s not so bad. I walked it off. I was able to finish.
“But I don’t slip a lot. I don’t ever fall down. It was a different fall for me than I’ve ever had.
“With the body that’s been, you know, playing up this year, I just hope I’m going to be fine.
“I believe I am, but I’ll know more tomorrow when I wake up.”
Federer, 34, was furious with himself after surrendering control of a match he dominated from the start of the second set to almost the end of the fourth.
But after almost securing a terminal service break against Raonic late in the fourth, he collapsed with serving malfunctions.
“Opportunities were all around the fourth set,” Federer said.
“I think I pushed him on a few service games to get the break. But somehow I couldn’t get it done.
Roger said that he deserved it in the end 
Raonic will face Murray in the finals.

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